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Manufacture Model Number Part Number MSRP Price Condition Comments Box Qty
Listen LT-800 LT-800-072-8Q-N $899.00 $200.00 used Stationary Transmitter with 17 Wide Band/40 Narrow no 1
Shure 588SDX 588SDX $129.99 $69.00 Like new cardioid No 1
3M microphone for tape record $79.00 $35.00 Brand New educational tape recorder accessory No 1
Audio-Technica AT871R $350.00 $150.00 Brand New Unidirectional, conference series No 9
Samson SR-2 ST-2 $199.00 Best Offer Used Body pack with Lapel Mic and Receiver with PS No 1
Shure L11-V L4 $699.00 $150.00 Used receiver with Lapel mic No 2
Sennheiser ME-80 $499.00 $199.00 Like new with K3U power and case No 1
Sabine FBX1200 $699.00 $299.00 Like new Dual Channels Feedback exterminator No 1
Audio-Technica AT935QMRx $197.00 $75.00 used Miniature Condenser Gooseneck Quick-mount Mic. no 1
Shure SM58 Dynamic Wireless $299.99 $149.95 Like New Wireless: DOC/MOC-616 E9318 no 2
Shure ULXS4 $499.95 $199.95 Like New Fq. 662-668MHz no 2
Fostex 5030 $150.00 used 8 Inputs / 8-Outputs Balanced/Unbalanced Line Amp. no 1
Audia Technica AT841UG $333.00 $129.99 New Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone no 2
Novi WI-3C $99.00 $55.00 used Wireless Intercom: set of 3 stations no 3
Audio-Technica ES-947 ES947W $225.00 $125.00 Like new white No 1
Shure Beta 58A 58A $299.00 $149.00 Like new with extra grille (black) and pouch No 5
Crown D-75A D75A $925.00 $300.00 Used Fully functional. Some scratches on case No 1
Yamaha Q-2031B Q2031 $789.99 $299.95 Used Fully functional. Some scratches on case No 1
Yamaha HTR-5750 HTR5750 $495.00 $200.00 Like New works perfectly, RC included No 1
Ashley LX-308B LX308 $799.00 $349.95 Like new 8channels audio mixer No 1
Sabine GRQ-3101 GRQ3101 $799.99 $299.95 Like New Single Channel front panel EQ controls & two outpu No 1
Ashley GQX-1502 GQX1502 $1,149.00 $499.00 Like new 2 channels stereo graphic EQ No 1
Anchor WL-1000 WL100 $395.00 $159.00 Like new Belt pack (transmitter) with Over-the-neck microph No 1
Audio-Technica AT-8531 AT8351 $199.00 $89.00 Like new Power Module with XLR Output, Mini-XLR Input, Phan No 4
Lectrosonic Freedomike M-185 M-119 $299.00 $125.00 Like new Belt pack (transmitter) with Lapel M-119 microphon No 1


Crown CTs-8200 cts8200 $3,500.00 $1998.99 Like New Open Box Yes 1
TOA M-900 MK2 $699.00 $300.00 Like New Power Amplifier-Mixer (Loaded with I/O cards) Yes 1
Polycom Soundstructure C12 $4,300.00 $2,500.00 like new 12 channel Digital sound processor mixer with echo yes 1
Yamaha EQ-70 EQ70 $199.00 $98.99 Like New 10 band EQ Yes 1
ClearOne XAP-TH2 190-151-310 $1,195.00 $399.00 Like new TELCO interface for ATC Yes 1
Sennheiser AC2 AC2/NT3 $1,199.00 $499.00 Like New Active Transmitter Combiner 4:1 yes 1
Perma Power S-2090 Microphone $199.00 $89.00 Like new Made in Japan, 1/4 jack Yes 1
Shure MX392/C 28AM1020 $359.99 $199.00 Brand New Microflex Boundary Cordioid Mic Yes 1
Le-Bo TA-326 TA326 $ $60.00 Like new electret stereo headphone Yes 1
Yamaha DVD-C920 DVDC920 $499.00 $245.00 Like New DVD-A, 5 disc changer with RC Yes 1
Yamaha CDM-900 CDM900 $699.00 $295.00 Like New 100+1 CD changer with RC Yes 1
Yamaha RX-V1070 RXV1070 $1799.00 $400.00 Like New works perfectly, RC included Yes 1
Yamaha KX-W592 KXW592 $495.00 $199.00 Like New autoreverse, Dolby HX Pro B & C N/R, Cassette Stab yes 2
Shure MX391/0 28AL10320 $199.99 $149.00 Brand New Microflex Boundary Omnidirectional Mic. Black Yes 1

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